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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dirty 30

And I'm 30... My birthday started off a little slow with me feeling sorry for myself. Then I realized it's kinda hard to feel sorry for myself when I'm exactly where I want to be at this point in life. I'm almost debt free and seeing the world on a shoestring.

So, I headed off to the local Pub, since it's the only place to get a meal besides the roadhouse and there I met Bevin, the coolest chick ever. Even her name is cool. Have you ever met someone named Bevin? She's an Irish backpacker that left her job as a school teacher to see the world and ended up in Tammin, working at the pub for a couple of months before heading off to her the next little adventure. She pretty much did the same path last year in SE Asia as me and it's crazy our paths didn't cross. You would be suprised how small the backpacking curcuit is, because I kept meeting the same people in different countries.

I have 3 weeks left at the road house and I have no clue what I'm doing next. I need to do 3 months of farm work to qualify for my second year visa. Between the flooding in the north, bush fires and lack of rain here, the farm jobs are far a few between. As soon as the rains come here seeding will start and Bevin suggested I put up work flyers in all the nearby town adversting my services. And since she has a car and I don't, she even voluntered to put them up for me. I also met a English couple that told me about work up north in Kununurra. So all I have to do now is wait and something good will happen.

Walk down any street
You can find
Look at any clock telling time
Sing some strange verse
From some strange song of vines
And you'll be where you want to be

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