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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Winter Camp

And I'm happy.

My philosophy on backpacking is not to plan, just wing it. If you plan, it will always go wrong. After spending the past couple of months looking for a farm job that would qualify me for my second year visa, there seemed to be none. With that in mind I left Tammin and posted an ad on Gumtree, the Australian version of Craigslist. A couple of hours later I had a job on a dairy farm in SE Oz.

My coworkers are amazing and represent Germany, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Fiji, Brazil, Russia and Oz. They tapped a picture of a riverboat on the door of my cabin and had a slice of apple pie waiting for me. And I get to herd over 2000 cows on a motorcycle. I'm going to repeat that again so you can get a mental picture in your head. I get to herd over 2000 cows while driving a motorcycle! Legend.

Monday, June 6, 2011


I have a lot of unedited post but I can't seem to polish them off.

Wish I had a lotta answers,
'Cause that's the way it should be
For all these questions,
Being directed at me

I just can't find the time
To write my mind
The way I want it to read