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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm settling in at my new job and while on the outside it's a perfect setting for a horror movie, it's not too bad.  Mount Magnet is bush country; a dry, arid landscape in the middle of nowhere.  The backpackers live in a motel like building with every two units sharing a bathroom.  My room is nice and I don't have to share a bathroom since the other room is left vacant because my predecessor hung himself in my bathroom.

That's right, the backpacker I replaced hung himself in my shower.  It's a little strange but death is apart of life. I guess I'm comfortable with death because my grandparents use to own a funeral home and one of my dad's many jobs was a mortician.  I understand death but I still wonder how he got to the point of taking his own life.  From what I learned he proposed to his girl only to be turned down.  So he went backpacking.  He was a loner at work and his room was scattered with drugs and razorblades.  That's all the information I have and I'm sure his life was more complex but now he's just a footnote in my life's journey.  Hopefully someone out there will honor his spirit with memories of the good times.

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