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Monday, September 26, 2011

Halfway Home

The other day I made a five year plan for myself only to remember that's not who I am.  I have nothing holding me back in life and that's comfortable to me.  Being the analytical person that I am, I did however make a list of my options.  First, what is known; I'm going to stay at my current job for three months and save up money.  Here are my options after that.

  • One of my best friends offered me an opportunity to invest in a new bar opening up around a year from now.  His current bar is doing great and everything points to the new one doing just as well.  Along with the investment opportunity he also offered me a place to stay while I get back to the real world and a job working at the micro-brewery he's about to open up.  What can I say, I have great friends who are like family to me.
  • I could work and save money; and then lounge on the beach for a month before coming home.  Thailand, Fiji or Bali sounds good right about now.
  • Another friend, that I call my brother, is moving to Denver and there's always a spot for me there.  I hear great things about the city and I wouldn't be far from the Great Divide; something I consider as a natural holy land.
  • When I leave Oz I should have enough money to travel South America.  Machu Picchu has always been at the very top of my list of places to see and I have friends, that I've met along the way, living there.
  • I can get a work visa for New Zealand and continue to work and live the dream and if I'm lucky enough, score a job as an extra on the new Hobbit movie.
So, there you have it... Fuck if I know.  I'm just going to keep on living and see what happens.

A comfort plush all laced in lead
Was sent to quell your sentiment
And keep your trembling sentinel hand at bay

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