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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Random Thoughts, Statements and Questions.

  • Do random memories from your childhood ever just pop into your head? I'm talking about things I thought were meaningless. I work the graveyard shift at an Australian outback roadhouse, basically an all in one truck stop, and I'm by myself from 10pm-6am. I'll be mopping away and all of the sudden I'll flashback to when I was 9 and painting rocks at the the river. I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever done.
  • While I'm on the subject of the roadhouse, I'm pretty sure the twins from the movie The Shining grew up and moved here. I'll be mopping away at 3 in the morning and look up only to see two freaky ass twins staring at me. They're locals and are nice even though they mumble to each other in twin speak.
  • I'm seeing Bob Dylan along with some other bands at the Blues and Roots Festival next week in Perth. Each night at work I'm listening to a different Dylan album to pump me up and I have to say Nashville Skyline is just kind of weird. The music is average beside Lay Lady Lay, one of my all time favorite Bobby D songs, it's just his voice. Why did he change it to sound like a crooner? Luckily it only lasted for an album or two.
  • I'm also seeing Mavis Staples at the festival. While she mainly sings gospel and most people will dismiss gospel; I highly recommend her album You're Not Alone. If you're ever feeling down or unloved just listen to the title track.
  • I read in a interview that back in the 60's Dylan asked Mavis' father for her hand in marriage. What I would give to have a time machine... Hopefully they'll do something together at Blues and Roots.
  • I'm addicted to NBC's Community and are using all of my download credits to download season 2. At $100 for a 8 gigs this shows you how good it is. Check it out. If you live in the States you can watch it for free at HULU.
  • Here are some pics of the road house I'm working at for the next month and half.

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