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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Being There

Eventually I’ll get around to writing about my travels in SE Asia and India but for now I’ll start with Australia. I arrived in Oz running low on funds and the fact that beers are $8 and a decent breakfast will run you about $15 didn’t help. A friend told me about a job placement service before I arrived and I tried it for 3 weeks with no luck. It’s very disheartening to sit 5 hours a day in a place that blares MTV videos over the T.V. while eating microwavable noodles for lunch and still walk away jobless. After seeing Pink’s Fuckin’ Perfect video about 50 times I was about to start cutting myself.

With the borrowed money from my grandpa dwindling away, I was about to google the closest sperm/blood bank. Then I met a French couple that told me about another job service and 30 minutes later I had a job in the middle of nowhere. It’s funny how things work out when you just bide your time.

I took the roadhouse (truckstop) job because I needed money and it was an easy way to save since it was in the middle of nowhere. Being from a family of truckers I also knew I would meet some interesting people and the stories they had to tell.

I’m a month a half into a 3 month stint and everything is going well. When I get cabin fever I hop on the train to Perth and meet up with some friends before coming back to my books and music in Tammin.

I was eating breakfast and this rolled threw.

5 pieces of a giant shovel.

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