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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gotta live, gotta live in our town

I came into my own in a small rural Arkansas town, the town I lived in until I was 19.  I don't care to much for the town and only visit my family and Jacob but I have some amazing memories.  Memories that are all linked by music.  They're simple, boring and really have no point.  Kinda like the town itself.

Really great albums you can remember buying or hearing for the first time.  Live's Throwing Copper was the first CD I ever bought.  And one of the few albums I know every word to every song.  Neil Young's Mirror Ball was the first monthly cd BMG sent me.  I had no clue who he was and when I asked my mom all she could say was, 'yeah he's good, did a lot of drugs, I think'.

I remember my brother telling me I should buy Smashing Pumpkins' MCIS because it was a good deal for a double album.  My first house with Jacob and Alana and listening to U2's WAR on vinyl while Jacob was deployed on peace keeping mission in Kuwait.  A first of many deployments, none peace keeping.

I remember having to listen to Green Day's Dookie in secret because Adrienne promised her parents she burnt all her secular music at Acquire the Fire.  For those that don't know, ATF is a brain washing christain camp that told us to burn all our music and not to do the normal things kids do.  This is from their website: "ATF’s purpose is to bring thunderous volume and clarity to God’s voice and amass a generation of passionate radicals that engage a full-on assault on the kingdom of darkness."  

Yeah...  Watch the news people, nothing good ever comes from 'passionate radicals'.

I remember sitting in what must have been a bowling alley in South Dakota hearing Tom Petty's Mary Jane's Last Dance for the first time.  I can recall the conversation like it was yesterday and the fucked up carpet that only bowling alleys and strip clubs have.  Since I was on a church mission trip I'm pretty sure it wasn't a strip club.  That same mission trip we were banned from watching MTV because it was the devil and my youth director told me The Eagle's Hotel California was about the satanism.  Something I laughed about the other day when it was debunked at

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